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Ceramic tile industry trends in 2013

Tiles as home decoration products, a variety of styles, rich colors, different materials in the consumer's attention. With the improvement of people's living standards, a small tile requirements are also increasing. The tile is no longer adhere to the traditional ground lay onto the wall for the kitchen, bathroom and even decorative walls and entrance.

Colored stripes tile

The tile color range, whether it is the entire wall monochrome tiling, or a collage of multi-colored tiles, paving the way can receive an unexpected decorative effect. For example, colored stripes colorful tiles can reflect the super three-dimensional.

Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles are the the decoration most common brick kinds of colors, rich patterns, and the anti-fouling ability, it is widely used in wall and floor decoration. Enduring all these years, I believe a short period of time, also been leading the trend.

It consists of glazed tiles depending on the shiny and matte glazed tiles;, depending on the raw material is divided into ceramic glazed tiles and ceramic glazed tiles. Ceramic glazed tiles baked clay, high water absorption, the general strength is relatively low, the main feature is the back in red. Ceramic glazed tiles from clay baked, low water absorption, the general strength is relatively high, the main feature is the back gray.


Mosaic is also active in recent years in the home renovation "the backbone." It generally consists of dozens of small brick a brick, and it has acid and alkali, non-porous, easily broken, a combination of strong color changing, etc.. Although the volume of the mosaic is the smallest in the various tiles, but it has amazing features. The designer can through combination or stitching means that it presents a variety of changes. In a plane, for example, can exhibit abstract pattern, setting a pattern, jump or shades of the same color transition patterns dotted other decorative materials.

The streamer jade color tiles

The high-end tile decorated in high places "outstanding". Streamer jade color tile is such a product. It uses a high-tech digital fabric technology, combined with the complex process, both natural and Shi Yun, while using glass glaze color process, showing a sense of luxury to the crystal light, gorgeous and noble effect, shoulder to shoulder jade tiles. Marble tile is also used in recent years to more of a class of tile, texture, color, texture, feel, and visual effects fully meet the realistic effects of natural marble, decorative effect have to be better than natural stone.

Anion impression brick

A brand launched the the negative ions impression Brick, an increase in the glaze layer and the green layer on the basis of a layer composed of ultra-fine powders and composite rare earth elements by the unipolar mineral tourmaline anion layer, 1 square meter impression brick release anion equivalent to the emission of 15 square meters of forest.

Mix and match tiles

At present, mix and match style "widely used by industry designers, tile, of course, is no exception. Ceramic, natural stone transboundary being staged, imitation wood, imitation metal "imitation", or pop elements into the clothing, can be seen as. If you do not want to be too heterogeneous, can be considered quaint and elegant mix and match, or classical and modern mix and match.


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