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2013 domestic sanitary ware market development of five major trends analysis

, The whole bathroom to the kitchen and the direction of integration enterprises to further development

After the baths wave of 2011 and 2012, provided a little strength of sanitary ware brand in the walk the baths route. Expect that the combination of advantages of the baths, and get more market share and revenue opportunities, both bathroom hardware brand transformation enterprises, but also the metal ware ability to grow on behalf of the bathroom cabinet direction. However, they did not think the original strength of the metal sanitary ware brand in the transition to the ceramic and bathroom cabinet but not so beautiful, they imagine new entrants into the field of performance income is less than ideal.

In addition, sanitary ware brand pioneer bathroom tentacles have been extended to the field of kitchen cabinets: Wrigley set up their own kitchen cabinets factory, nine, animal husbandry and sanitary ware in June 2011 is a high-profile established nine, animal husbandry, Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd., kitchen and bathroom furniture and sanitary ceramics, the overall shower as its core business, shows the determination and confidence ready to significant development in the kitchen and integration. International bathroom brand Kohler has long kitchen integration. At the same time, the as domestic kitchen cabinets brand leader, the EU sent borrow the advantages of the kitchen cabinets to advance to the bathroom industry, the kitchen and integration.

Second, the sanitary value of the prevalence of marketing model

Bathroom industry after two years of promotion battle, to participate in the initial enthusiasm from consumers, businesses pours, increasingly indifferent to consumer participation, to return to the era of rational consumption, the promotion is no longer sold panacea. Domestic sanitary ware brand one cries, the international sanitary ware brand has value in its ability to achieve contrarian growth, showing the impact of prices on consumer purchasing decision is significant decline in value is becoming the key demands of the future mainstream consumer group. The bathroom sign thousands can really discover the sense of few brands.

The other hand, close and bathroom floor tiles industry, already out of industry prices melee, focusing on cultural marketing, they played the cultural values, the value of design, artistic value brand. Established Ceramics Museum, join hands with the international designers design, widely used in medieval art style, simple tiles into something valuable cultural products. Beginning in 2010, the portion of the sanitary ware business began to focus on the value of competition, launched on behalf of the Chinese cultural value products, such as blue and white porcelain Chinese style series. h3s industry consulting _ industry report _ industry _ market research _ third-party market data and survey report provider

Third, science and technology to create the era of smart bathroom

In the past 2012 years, intelligent sanitary technology exhibition in Shanghai, a big show of thunder: the Kohler bathroom NZD Password (Numi) high-tech smart toilet, toto water magic bathtubs and other bathroom brands on display smart toilet, thermostatic shower faucet, NC sensing technology leader, in the metaphor for the bathroom and began to enter the era of Intelligent Technology. With the improvement of life of consumers value the pursuit of its user-friendly bathroom products required will be higher, and smart technology are the most critical product of human technology, smart bathroom product market share will have a more substantial growth . But the bathroom brands need to pay attention to the how to obtain low-cost intelligent technological advantages, in order to cover the current mainstream consumer group.

Some time ago, the brand has developed a small size smart toilet, a high-profile publicity and promotion, and its purpose is to promote the expansion of sales through the low threshold of Intelligent Technology. Intelligent product design to human nature-based, as far as possible to facilitate the use and enjoyment of the taste of life as a starting point, but not cumbersome intelligent, simple, intelligent sanitary technology can enhance the value of life of consumers, we can achieve higher value for money. h3s industry consulting _ industry report _ industry _ market research _ third-party market data and survey report provider

Modern minimalist style bathroom consumerism trend

Bathroom nowadays mainstream consumer group mostly in their prime the Pan 80 white-collar groups, they will not be much initial purchase area, subject to the limitations of the bathroom space, space in the bathroom stressed convenient and concise, and full of modern flavor, allowing They day after exertion, relax through these sanitary products. Their pursuit of modern, minimalist style, reflected in the overall style of the bathroom have modern, simple lines in the design, to have a practical, do not need to be too cumbersome sanitary products. For them, modern and simple, comfortable and convenient, color, variety, this will make them feel smooth and pleasant, so as to alleviate the pressure of work of self. h3s industry consulting _ industry report _ industry _ market research _ third-party market data and survey report provider

, Engineering, intense competition in the home improvement market

Increasingly bleak as the traditional retail market, there must be a large number of bath dealer contract or exit the retail stores, offensive engineering and home improvement market. Most of the high-end engineering market for international sanitary ware brand monopoly, and they sink through the channel, and also occupy a larger market share in the mid-market. At the same time, the domestic sanitary ware brand also lift up the value of sights end engineering market, resulting in the end sanitary ware market engineering products prices dropped lower and lower; while in the low-end engineering market, the price has become a key competitive weapon lead to the construction market is getting smaller and smaller profit margins, high investment cost of the home improvement market brands abatement party profit.

In this case, only those sanitary enterprises to not only focus on brand-building, and pay attention to the scale of costs in this round of the competition a head start advantage. Bathroom companies in order to make the two channels of the market, in addition to brand force, more importantly, need to design engineering design sense, sense of the value and price competitiveness and home improvement products and building strategic alliances with property developers , thereby improving the ability of their own works and Furnishing. h3s industry consulting _ industry report _ industry _ market research _ third-party market data and survey report provider

2012 is the Chinese sanitary ware market is the largest retail distribution model of small projects to engineering, home improvement market is the ability to transfer one year; sanitary industry development projects, home improvement market the first year. In the past year, not only brands, many the terminal distributors also the ability to transfer. In 2013, only sanitary enterprises grasp the two major channels, opportunities to win in the future market competition.


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