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Analysis of the bathroom brand development to expand the channels essential

Sanitary industry in China due to the characteristics of the "big market, small industry", has gone through 20 years of development, there is still a decentralized operation, brand concentration is not high, over-reliance on traditional channels, control rooms in nearly two years policies and the fierce market competition, the sanitary ware brand retail channel received its death blow, many sanitary ware brand aware of the flawed single retail channel.

No growth in the retail customer base case, the increase in the building materials market, as well as residential marketing, buy, affiliate marketing, to a certain extent shunt customers, many brands of retail sales by the tremendous impact. Grim situation, more and more sanitary ware brand aware, multi-faceted expand the channels is the only way to put in front of brand development.

First, the maintenance of retail channels, the construction of channels

With the accelerating of the real estate development, a lot of urban real estate by rough housing to fine decorated rooms rapidly changing, the government also speed up the construction of affordable housing, sanitary products in the project application rate is getting higher and higher, the project has become the bathroom is very important channels, sanitary ware brand building of the Channel, need to do a good job in various areas.

1, the establishment of a project to build a company-wide customer and engineering information file

Real estate information is an important guarantee for well channels, companies need to be collected through various channels associated with engineering information, engineering Customer Information Sheet, engineering customer contact record sheets, engineering and sales tables, project tracking schedule and in a timely manner Learn competitors. At the same time, enterprises should improve the project bidding data, such as tenders, corporate profiles, product briefs and project quotation specification.

2, to improve the relationship between the engineering side of

Want to win the project, first of all have to understand the operation of the power system of the internal organization of the engineering side, figure out who has the right to decide who recommend the influence, who has professional affect the rights, and who has negative impact on the right. Business people to develop call plans, continuing to follow up, and within the engineering side, the development of the inside. Engineering business saying goes, "to do the project is to do the relationship. In addition to clothing, etiquette, words and deeds and behavior on a good impression to the customer; also to try to familiar customers, good friends. Through the establishment of friendship to develop new customers and maintain existing customers. Particular heart hard key customers, key customers who spend 20% to 80% of the time.

To understand the customer's purchase of the analysis of engineering psychology

Engineering operations are often complex interest in the actual operation must form a win-win situation, which requires business people heart to think about and pondering. Works to send samples to meet the project's overall decorative effect, to be a model based on the stock to meet the supply of the product model, for the competitors send samples and recognized the extent to determine the competitive model products.

Held designer activities, expanding home improvement tooling channels

The bathroom market, the purchase of real estate, hardcover room emerging retail market has appeared to decline. At the same time, the designer gradually into the home improvement and tooling design, sanitary products into consumers' homes "invisible channels. The development of home improvement and tooling channels should note the following:

1, organized by the designer salon, promotion and designers emotional connection

Do not blindly bathroom brands and designers only consider commissions and kickbacks, more importantly, to rely on feelings to maintain purely monetary transactions is unreliable. As sanitary ware brand, there must be someone to maintain the relationship with the designer, daily and designers together to some communication communicate feelings, or to carry out the the designer salon and training activities. Not only to promote the exchange of feelings, but also enable them to learn more knowledge, enhance their understanding of the value of brands and products, such as the East Arrow enterprises and the United States music supermarkets have launched a free tourist activities of the designer, which to some extent Contact their feelings. .

2 to aggressively expand our team of designers

Order to be able to know more designers and home improvement company, business marketing in the area must pay more attention to visit the model room decoration companies in setting up the inside designers often receive clients in this. In addition, the construction site is understanding and contact with the designer's another good place to have to say hello every time you met, or to each other to bring a bottle of water or a pack of cigarettes, or provide some useful information will enhance and design the feelings of the division, so that the designer brand from the professional level to help introduce customers.

3, with the designer exchanges should also pay attention to avoid arousing suspicion

Designers have a natural interest with the owners, so business people to communicate with designers do not let the owners to see, so as not to cause suspicion owners, resulting in the more designers recommended brand owners can not elect more. In addition, to minimize the internal decoration company to communicate with designers, because most of the decoration company is non-designer smuggling single, exchanges too close will cause the the decoration company executives suspected.

Third, do the traditional channels, the development of e-commerce channels

E-commerce is a booming trend penetration in all walks of life development, sanitary industry as a traditional industry, has long been considered not suitable for e-commerce. However, due to the huge the bathroom consumer force after 80 rise, consumption habits are quietly changed this view. It is reported that 80 groups often rely on the network to search for information, a can not resist the favor of online shopping, including the purchase of toiletries are also highly dependent on the network platform. In recent years, as the representative of sanitary e-commerce platform Sina bath Mall, Taobao home improvement Museum, Love Home Ownership, Jingdong Mall general sprung up, caused widespread concern in the industry. Many "80" is not only online shopping as a consumption habits, but also as a lifestyle. Sanitary ware brand in the channel to open up the high costs and store operating costs, the development of e-commerce channels is imperative. E-commerce and traditional channels, compared with a low transaction cost, high efficiency of the transaction, the transaction is transparent, minimize transaction costs, expand the trading range and distance. The iResearch Consulting data show that sanitary e-commerce, though started late, but at an alarming rate, the volume of people Guamu. Singles in 2012, nine animal husbandry lead en e-commerce sales amount to more than 30 million sales miracle

E-commerce because of its huge amount of information to the enterprise provides a great platform for brand promotion, but the traditional channel model directly, integrity, security, logistics, distribution, installation, after-sales complete system integration services e-commerce is difficult to compared to it. Construction of channels for enterprises must take into account the traditional channels and electricity supplier channels, two channels combined roles of the largest corporate market forces. For the shrewd "80", they are also calculates the cost of this channel, so there is some "80" after the entity look at the product, and then place an order online. Minimum purchase cost, but also ensure the quality of purchased products. It is predicted that the future of the sanitary ware brand in the e-commerce share ratio will be higher and higher in the sanitary ware industry has emerged to go such as VOYOU specialized brand of e-commerce sales channels. Can predict that e-commerce fast, convenient, informative, sanitary channels in the future will play an increasingly important role.

, To hold a second-tier cities, do the four-tier cities channels.

With the strengthening of the national real estate control enables developers to develop real estate transferred to the third and fourth tier cities, second-tier cities. The preferential policies of the countries of the third and fourth tier cities residential housing, real estate policy easing in the fourth-tier cities to develop. The same time, due to lower real estate prices, many "80" after the city as the first choice for home buyers, while at the same time, many matching hotels, commercial real estate, hardcover room as well as government resettlement housing will get greater development. These projects the one hand, the customer will be asked to brand reputation and visibility, on the other hand is also very concerned about the products and prices. In the level of commercial real estate, pay attention to the design of the product, highlighting the value of the product, resettlement housing, is the emphasis on price and basic functions. Bathroom brand to extend the tentacles of project development to third-and fourth-tier cities, and establish Zhanmeng relationship with property developers.

For three or four lines of sanitary ware market, the brand should be based on the channel sink, but the brand does not sink the principle of development and the development of sales of the four-tier cities. At the product level to a second-tier cities are somewhat different, the use of the principle of priority sales, maximize brand awareness and reputation of the crowd in the city, in this market cumulative customer resources, enhance brand differences in the eyes of consumers and trust.


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