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The Tao Wei Fair favor of LED Light Fixtures did not improve

After nearly two months of continuous rain, the the Guangzhou weather finally cleared. Merchants who have become enthusiastic to participate in the 113th Canton Fair, making the opening of this year's trade compared with the previous sessions of the first day of the popularity of a lot. However, the participating exhibitors have said that this year's foreign trade situation is still uncertain.

The reporter came to the Canton Fair site yesterday noted that the entrance to the pavilion in Zone A, the different colors of foreign outdoors row a few hundred meters long queue, anxiously awaiting the handle foreign admission documents. Due to the higher number for more efficient handling, the organizers were temporary control. This phenomenon reporters in recent sessions of the Canton Fair interview, still did not see. Entering the venue, the reporter also felt on the first day participants, the number of year-on-year increase to the previous.

Fair spokesman, deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Centre Liu Jianjun expects this year's trade buyers to be the number compared to last year's Autumn Fair will be stabilized stabilized, the trade turnover of the chain remained stable. As the foreign trade situation is grim, the 112th Canton Fair to the number of buyers and trading volume of the "double decline".

From the first day of the passenger point of view, the European and American buyers to be the number is still not optimistic, from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, the number of customers on the rise.

Reporters patrol Museum unexpectedly found that the number of previous Fair is the most intensive appliances exhibition, the Canton Fair the first day seems a little bad. About 10:30 or so, the reporter went to the home appliance exhibition of decorative luxury, gathered here Midea, Gree, Changhong, Haier appliance giant staff with a warm smile, ready to welcome guests. However, they seem to be a bit disappointed.

"Fair last year, the number of orders increased by 29% this year, an increase of 20%." Zhang Ye, Hisense International Marketing Vice President of Marketing lowered the goal of this year's trade.

In the exhibition area of ​​the United States, in suits and ties staff to be more obvious than to visit the merchants. Even in the context of foreign trade downturn the previous Canton Fair on the exhibition area of ​​the United States or surrounded by many foreign businessmen. A similar situation, also in the home appliance giant Gree, Changhong and other booth. Worse than that, the rise of new appliance brands in this year's trade to seize the favorable position, also decorated more conspicuous, but nobody cares.

Correspondingly, home decoration materials exhibition jostling throng. Hongyu Ceramics staff is almost too busy to speak to reporters, many buyers with them to discuss product specifications and price. Similarly, the floor tiles, doors, decorative materials booth full case. The bathroom exhibition also significantly better in the last session of the Canton Fair, the Electrical and Mechanical Services is expected to bottom out. LED lighting, construction machinery exhibition did not improve. It is noteworthy that the participating exhibitors are more willing to focus on the large booth, the case of the small booth wants to come more common.

Foreign trade data has been published in the first quarter of this year, a marked increase compared with last year. How all the year round, this year's trade turnover data will provide an important reference. Guangdong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Professor Li Youhuan expected, due to the appreciation of the renminbi has a great impact on the current export, the survey shows that large export enterprises have been caused by the shrinking profits of the production and operation of a negative emotion, "Fair Transaction is expected to difficult-than-expected . "


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